Sunday, October 13, 2013

Do the Next Thing

The fourteenth post in the series, Bloom Whe You're Planted about living fully wherever you happen to be...

Nothing personal against leasing but I want my own stuff.  I want to do what I want with my home, you know?    Maybe paint walls green or plant flowers dreaming of how they will look two years from now.  Maybe rip out a bush, or better yet rip out eighteen bushes in order to see the birds outside the windows.

In itself, this house is a blessing.  Great neighborhood, lots of space, big beautiful windows and the backyard is a total dream.  But it isn't my house.  So I pouted in my heart.

Before I was finished pouting, the bathrooms needed to be cleaned, and there were dirty dishes to be done.  Laundry got washed and folded and needed to find a home.

Then something strange happened.  I started to settle in.  I don't own this place, but it can be my home.  I can't do everything I want, but I can do a lot.

I did the next thing that needed to be done.  Nothing fancy, just the next thing.

Who would have thought that was the remedy?  Who would have thought that cleaning this house would make me feel at home?  Who would have thought that putting my things on someone else's shelves would affect my attitude?  Who knew that setting up my boy's bunk bed would calm his soul?

When you don't know what to do, just do the next thing that needs to be done.  It might amaze you.

And it really is a great backyard...

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  1. Wow, this is great! When you don't know what to do, do the next thing. I think you are definitely on to something! When we pout we often get stuck. One foot in front of the other, is something I often say to my son when he's feeling overwhelmed. It does work!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life