Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not Someone Else's Work

Make a mess, be a sloppy first draft, scribble in the margin.

But don't turn in someone else's work.

--Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky

Emily's words keep echoing through my mind today.  She's talking about your life being like art. She's leading us toward making art out of life and life out of art and how its all beautiful and messy but it has to be your art.

What does my work even look like?

Everything has changed since I thought I knew.  Changed for the better but still changed.  I feel a little lost.

I am going to find out what my own work looks like.

Instinct tells me that you figure it out by not looking for it.

You figure out what your own work looks like by living it.

You pay attention to what you do well and what drives you to action.  You listen to what calls to be done when and if it has worth.

Maybe the rest of the stuff on your list needs to be revised, no edited.  It needs to be edited right off.

Your work is different than mine.  That's what makes it yours.

I think my work starts with a living faith and commitment to tightly weaving family together.

My work is creating peace and brutally starving discord.

 It is being the woman my husband still believes he married.

My personal work is dealing with the world with integrity and refining my physical health.

I will not confuse my work with someone else's.  I will turn in my own work.

Thanks Emily F.,

This is the 10th post in the series, Bloom Where You're Planted.  Enjoy!

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