Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Law is On Your Side: how to get where you really want to be

Ever have one of those days when all you want to do is stay in bed?

This winter has been one of those days.

My grandma and B's mom, Dixie, they made quilts.  Pink and green wedding rings, a red eight-pointed star, and a fairy ring made out of polyester scraps that wears like iron.  Ain't no cold getting inside those layers, baby.  I've got a warm spot right here and I'm not comin' out.

An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by force.

Newton said it and I imagine his voice big, booming, and bold laying down

The winter was cold and I moved less and less and my body began to stiffen.  We know good and well our hearts, minds and souls are like that too.

We pull in and stiffen a little more each day.

According to Newton, we aren't going to start moving without a reason, without force.

Maybe that force is a friend, perhaps something you need and really can't do without.  Maybe a child drives you out of your warm spot.  Maybe your soul is dug in deep and the only thing that can move you is faith. Maybe you are the force.

Great thing about a universe intelligently designed, there is great balance and there is more to Newton's law:

An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by force.

And there it is, the way to turn the laws of nature to our advantage.

Wherever you want to be, just take a step in that direction.

An object in motion will remain in motion unless something tries to stop it and even then, even then it will resist being stopped.

As spring approaches and I begin to wake up to sunlight, the light fuels my emotions and emotion fuels my energy and faith forces me forward and I become an object in motion.

An object will resist changes in its motion.  We keep heading the direction we are already going.  That includes you and me, for good or bad.  Unless we are acted upon by force.

If you need to change where you are going, change what you are doing.

Find a reason, a force, and start the ball rolling toward your chosen destination.

Decide where you want to be.  Use your brain to figure out which behaviors will naturally result in the consequences you desire.

If you want to be on time, get up and leave earlier.  If you want to change jobs, be a great employee where you are and actually apply for the job you want.  If you want to be fit, move.  If you are already exhausted and want your energy back, adjust your diet and go to bed.

I've had to quit whining about the cold.  I've had to get out from under the covers and move and when I did, I found myself surprised by where I could go.

Action breeds action.  Productivity breeds productivity.

Maybe it is as simple as making the bed.  Once that is done, the dishes take only twenty minutes.  A walk at the park, that task you avoid at work.  The bills are paid and there is still time for your favorite things, a long book, a run, maybe a precious hour to paint or play games with your family.

You don't have to save the world today, lose five pounds today or even be perfect today.  All you have to do is decide where you are headed and take a step.  Today.

It's the law.

The law is on your side.

on my way,

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Nora's Cents

Nora's got good sense. 

The girl is organized, every Build-a-Bear in his or her customized box, little clothes packed in tightly, ready for wild play at a moments notice.

Nora is a shining example of maturity and planning.

Got a big day of softball practice on Thursday?  Why not get your clothes ready on Monday?

Friends, she did not get this from me.

She's a bit of a bag lady with an eye for anything that holds "stuff" and has handles.

She has seven backpacks.

They are packed.

I don't know what's in the backpacks.

Nora knows.

As you can imagine, she doesn't switch gears easily.

She saves her money.  She has a plan.

She's seven.

She considers her priorities.  Seriously.  Softball over events at the library.  Mommy over almost everything. Except the Daddy-Daughter Dance.  Daddy-Daughter Dance takes precedence over most everything else.

Once she has decided, she is amazingly stubborn persistent.  She once saved up to buy her brother a birthday present.

She had FORTY dollars.

I refused to let her spend FORTY dollars on her nine-year-old brother.  After all, I couldn't let her outdo her father and me.  We had it out all the way to tears right there in the Lego aisle at Target.

A time came when she wanted something.  Probably a trip to Build-a-Bear, which is not something to undertake when you're light in the wallet.

I asked her how much money she had to spend.

Nora brought her little brown purse to me, the one with the red flower clipped to the handle.  She had the biggest smile on her face as she opened her purse to show me.

It was empty.

Her small voice, "Momma, you know how the church was collecting for those missionaries?"

"I've been giving them my cents."

"I gave them all my cents."  And she hopped.

Without a thought, without regret and without involvement or interference from her parents.

Because someone needed what she could give.

Nora's got good sense.  She may, or may not, have lots of cents but that doesn't matter.

and a child shall lead the way,

For more on the story that inspired Nora to give all her cents, 
read Luke 21:1-4.

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