Friday, June 14, 2013

sounds like life and living and love

"Listen-To-Me!" I must say it hundreds of times a day, begging for their attention so I can parent them.

"Hey you, listen up!" I say playfully, ready to give instructions for some new and no-doubt life changing project that will probably require a mop to clean up.

"Listen to me..." I think in my heart...wishing to be heard but truthfully, often too full of self-doubt to even speak.

He listened to me, and maybe that's why I married him.  He still listens.

Listen, I remind myself.  Listen, while they still want to talk.

Do more than listen, hear them.

Listen to what isn't said.

Listen with eyes and hands and heart.

Remember what it's like to want to be heard.

Sounds like breathing babies near me in the dark.
Sounds like a good man getting up early to make eggs and go to work in the dark while I sleep.
Sounds like angry sounds and crazy laughter because there are three of them.
Sounds like dishes and vacuums and the mundane things of life, call them boring or call them blessing.

Sounds like life and living and love.

Blogging today at the prompt of Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.  Every Friday she invites the rest of us to share.  The only catch is that we do our writing in five minutes, share and encourage each other.

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  1. we all love to be heard... sometimes it is more important to allow others to be heard - that is what this post reminded me.

  2. listen while they still wasn't to true Michele. My big girls are stepping into the age of quiet and I'm trying so hard to keep them talking. love your post, friend.

  3. I have to really challenge myself to listen through the silliness, comedy routines, sound effects and Star Wars imitations of my 13 and 14 year old boys. It is really hard as they grate my nerves to the pulp! But I know that I must tune into their worlds and ask God for the strength to do it! Thanks Michele ... love Michelle :)