Friday, June 7, 2013


Everyday.  I fail and I fall.  And I fuss at myself for failing and falling again.  Seems like I had it together about twenty years ago, like I rarely fell at all.  But I was wrong.  I was falling down every moment and didn't even know it.

Can't learn new things if you don't risk a fall.  Can't learn to walk or ride a bike or ride a horse unless you risk a fall.  Seems like you fall all the time and then you fall less and then you walk and run and fly through the air.  And it's good.  Way better than staying on the ground all the time.

You know, jumping is just falling on purpose.

Everybody falls.  Only one man in all of history that didn't fall.  And then He sort of did only He did it on purpose and He did it for us.  He fell right down on our mistakes.

My kids fall all the time.  I sigh and think, "Don't you get tired of flailing around wild and falling into things and hurting yourself?"  

And then I complain because my life is so ordinary.  

They have the same life I do, only they don't think their lives are ordinary. They make them rather extraordinary.  

But there is a cost for this extraordinary.  

Sometimes they fall.

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  1. I love your statement, "Jumping is just falling on purpose." Thanks for sharing something so startlingly simple that I will mull over all weekend! Blessings to you.

  2. Thank you for your explanation of "fall" So often I forget the simple things of life.

  3. It is often from falling that we get to know what we lack. Imperfections are definite avenues for us to ponder and internalize.