Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When You Show Up for the Trip and Get Sent Home

Ever have something you want?  Something you really want and it seems like you could have it, if you just did everything right.  But maybe it isn’t up to you.

Right now, there is something that I want.  I really want this thing.  Well, it isn’t a thing exactly, more like a circumstance.  I don’t mean to be all secretive but I can’t tell you what it is.   I mean, I love you all but some things just aren’t meant to be shared on the internet.  Not yet.

It doesn’t matter anyway because this is about all of us together so you just imagine your own thing because at the end, I am going to ask you something.

Okay, so the allegory goes like this:
I want to go on a trip.  I believe I can go if I just get everything ready.  I get all my ducks in a row, iron (insert muffled laughter here), get the dog and kids ready and five of us hop in the car.  We think, we believe, it is time for the trip.  We all want to go.

We get to the airport, grab our bags and head toward the counter to buy our tickets.  We have the money and all the paperwork.  Everything is as perfect as we can make it.

We arrive at the counter and announce our intention to board the plane.  The agent looks at us calmly.

“No.  Go home.” 

We ask questions.   I plead.

“No.  Go home.”  Nicely, gently, certainly.

I want to know why but there is only one answer.

“No.  Go home.”

Does this mean “not today” or “not ever?”

Have I done something wrong?  Do I wait?  I have done everything that I know to do.  I showed up for the trip and got sent home.  I don’t even know why or really even what the answer means.  I am a woman of faith so what do I do with this?

DO I GIVE UP?  Let go and move on?

When does “no” mean “no” and when does it mean “not now” and most importantly…

How do I know?

Does it even matter if you know?  What do YOU do when you get sent home?

The actual circumstances don’t matter.  If you are going to forward or share this post, please consider doing so after you add your own insight in the comments.  The best way to go the unknown is together.

It is well,

On a lighter note...


  1. I felt so much like this when we were waiting to adopt Rachel. I had it all figured out for years and it just never seemed to work. Finally, 15 years later, the Lord brought it to pass. I wish I was more faithful in the wait! Still working on that one.

    1. Ahh, Tamara. Perspective is what I needed. My "want" is nothing near what you must have felt like wanting your sweet girl and my few years are nothing compared to your wait. How worth it to have your beautiful family complete. Thanks girl.

  2. yep. I wanna go anywhere but here...but I know, like I really know this is where God has me, and He's saying No. Stay here. I picked this place and it's grand and hard and so ugly and so beautiful, all at the same time and I chose YOU and that crazy man of yours and your tribe so you must STAY. Because it doesn't get any more beautiful than it is right now, but your heart will blossom and YOU will be more beautiful for staying.
    So I stay. And I wait. And I trust that God is who He says He is.
    'Cuz He loves me.
    This I know.

    1. Yes, Lori, yes. 35 minutes after this post and you friends help my heart.

  3. Wow ... too much to comment but while raising support to be full time missionaries my husband and I felt this daily ... "nos" and "waits" seemed to be the norm. I can only say that this is a lesson that I think we will learn over and over in life. God has created us to yearn to be with and worship Him and though we have the Holy Spirit we still yearn to be face to face ... to sit at His feet ... but the answer is not now, just wait. So I guess we have to look at the things we long for here on this Earth and realize the smallness of them in comparison to eternity with God ... at His feet ... face to face. Suddenly the 30lbs I LONG to loose doesn't really matter. Love you Michele - Michelle

  4. Guess perspective and faith really are the answers. Thank you for your infinite encouragement Michelle, you and yours are an inspiration to me.