Friday, August 16, 2013

small time

Taking a five-minute party break with Lisa Jo Baker this Friday.  Want to know more?  Check it out at: Five-Miinute-Friday.  It's Lisa Jo's party and she gets to pick.  Today she inspires us to write about one thing: small.  It amazes me how folks can interpret one word so many ways.  Click around at Lisa Jo's page and read what other people wrote. As for me, here, have a small piece of my heart.

Small time girl, grown up to be a small time woman.  I'm good with that.  Don't want attention, really, just can't quit talking here on this page.  Enjoying the idea that there are other women out there like little ol' me.

Small town girl, going from one small town to another.  Love livin' where you don't need a cell phone to find somebody.  There are only three places to go.  If your friend isn't home, she's at the grocery or Sonic.  Check your watch and take a guess...Sonic has a happy hour at 2PM.

Small hearts, can they grow big?  Sometimes it doesn't feel like it.  I fuss small words in a big voice and I wonder how my heart got so hard.  Dr. Seuss says the heart of the grinch grew two sizes one day and we all know the wisdom of Dr. Seuss.  Maybe there is at least small hope for me.

Small days, trapping me here in this home.  Trapping me here until I remember what I believe, that this is no small thing that I do, mothering these kids and loving this man and building this home with the hands of my soul.  Big, beautiful, small days.

Small gifts.  Little boxes with big things inside.  Small gifts might just be the best gifts of all.

loving the small,

Blessedly Ordinary
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  1. Sister, one of my favorite verses in scripture is Psalm 119:32. It says that as we run the course that the Lord has laid out for us, He enlarges our hearts. He who has promised is faithful. Isn't it amazing how He tenderly reminds us? Love you for sharing this grace and humility.

    1. Erin, this was so weird! Was posting my link into my facebook site to share and instead of my text popping up your comment popped into the share. Speak on dear friend. He is way better than Dr. Seuss...way better. And the heart grows as we run the course that the Lord has laid out for us, deep there, will keep running another small day. Thank you.

  2. You really played with that word 'small,' didn't you? And had such fun doing it! I know I had fun reading it. Thank you for these good, true words.