Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Days and Bad Days

Can't believe I wrote this six years ago.  I still remember those times, and honestly miss them, however I can't imagine how we made it through.  Certainly wasn't on my own strength...

Today was a bad day.  I didn’t get anything done. We had to get flu shots at the clinic at church so they had to take a nap before we go.  

They wouldn’t go to sleep.  I got one child down in my room, bounced the crying baby on my knee and repeatedly eased the other one back down on his pillow.  Just when he got drowsy, the other mobile child appeared at the door.  He wanted to sleep in his own bed where I was trying to put his brother.  He never wants to sleep in his own bed.  I got both boys into one bed while still bouncing the crying baby. 

Then, I accidentally made Superman fall behind the bed post.  I apologized while promising to get him out from under the bed when they get up from their nap. 

It wasn’t good enough. 

Robert cried because he wanted Superman, Nathan cried because Robert was crying and the baby just cried.  I put the baby down causing her to cry louder.  Then I used a plastic kitchen spoon that I found under the bed (what?) to try to reach Superman.  Either my arm or the spoon was too short. 

So, I cried.  

Then I got up, moved the mattress, returned Superman to his owner, tucked Nathan in and gave him a reassuring kiss, picked up the baby and swayed with her in my arms until they all fell asleep.  

Today was a bad day.

Today was a good day.  We went to the playground at our church getting some wonderful, fall sunshine.  We ate Chinese at a buffet and got lo mein all over the carpet requiring a generous tip to ease our guilt.  

We made cupcakes and decorated them with sprinkles.  Then we ate them.  After that it was easier to give baths than to actually clean up.  

I left all of the dishes in the sink and rocked my baby while wonder-daddy got the boys ready for bed.  

Robert, who is three, asks me, “Are you happy Momma?” 

Two glasses of spilled milk, one new clean pajama shirt and one more diaper later, they are in bed with their music playing.  Now the girl is in her daddy’s arms and we anticipate getting to watch one of our favorite shows.  They just look precious.

Today was a good day.

It was the same day…

And yes, Robert, I am happy.

Michele Simmons
October 25, 2006

Care to share how you made it through the hard days?

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